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Our Company History

As mentioned in Ron Bare’s biography, Bare Wealth Advisors – formerly known as Bare Financial Services, Inc. – was founded in 2001 after Ron left a large financial company in pursuit of independence, realizing he was not able to consistently put the clients’ needs ahead of his employer’s needs. Without knowing exactly what the coming years would look like, Ron began a new journey by creating his own financial services company based in his home office. At the same time, he became a fifth generation owner of a family farm by purchasing the property from his parents. This became the first home base for Bare Financial.

With humble beginnings that began with Ron and a secretary sharing writing areas, Bare Financial eventually moved from the home office into a converted space that was the former milking house on the family farm. Soon after adding the position of an office manager in 2005, the company again outgrew its office space when the first additional financial planner was invited to the team in 2007. The next office was still located on the farm, but inside the rancher house that Ron’s grandparents had originally built when they sold the farm to Ron's parents. The company also opened up office locations in Quarryville and in downtown Lancaster city - both of which allow them to better serve clients in different parts of Lancaster and Chester counties.

In November of 2014, Bare Financial Services moved into its new home base in Gap, utilizing beautiful office space in the Houston Run Community Center. Shortly after, Bare Financial Services, Inc. re-branded as Bare Wealth Advisors.

The original reason for the company’s inception remains a critical core value: putting the interest of the client first. The ability to do this, and do it consistently, is what has led Bare Wealth Advisors to continue growing and creating plans for continued growth for years to come.

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