Why Bare?

With a host of local advisors available at every turn, including an increasing amount of online robo-advisors, why choose Bare Wealth Advisors to help direct your financial path?

In our experience, we've found the most valuable relationships with clients to be ones in which both the advisor and the client seek the following:

  1. Viewing money through a biblical lens – with a focus on stewardship

    Above all, the model that we look to time and time again as financial experts is the Bible. From investing strategies, to wealth transfer, to charitable giving, our template for advice is the words contained within the Bible. Our foundation in biblical financial methods and principles drive every facet of what we do and every strategy that we suggest.

  2. A focus on goals and purpose as the driver of wealth management

    We desire our clients’ investments to be driven not by the latest market trend or economic forecast, but rather by their financial plan. The only way to accomplish this is by focusing not on the short term results, but on the long term results – and you won’t hear those quoted daily on the radio.

  3. Valuing the importance of objectivity

    As independent wealth advisors, we opt to be clear and flexible in the way we are compensated.  We're primarily fee-based advisors aiming for transparency in how we are paid.  We are also free to utilize investments from a wide range of providers.