Newest Team Member – Ryan Kurtz

Introducing our newest team member – Ryan Kurtz!

We’re incredibly happy to publically announce our team is expanding with the recent hiring of Ryan Kurtz, who will serve alongside Ron and Jeremy as an advisor to our clients.  Ryan has his background in the advisory business, and has been an instant benefit to our team-based approach to our client relationships.  He started part time in May, and has recently come on board full time after completing his licensing requirements as an advisor.

Having grown up on a farm just a short drive from Ron’s farm, the two have a shared agriculture background and many shared connections.  We’re continually amazed when introducing Ryan to some of our clients recently, and they recognize each other from the community.

Ryan lives with his wife, Heidi, and four daughters in New Holland.  He’ll be the main advisor in charge of many of our group retirement plans, as well as be serving as the primary advisor for a number of our clients, especially those with agriculture backgrounds.

Welcome to the team, Ryan!