Linking Wealth to Purpose, Digitally

Steward-Link is a simplified alternative to our more traditional and thorough financial planning and wealth management process done. The relationship is primarily driven through phone calls and online collaboration with our advisory team and is designed for those interesting in on-on-one coaching and planning as it pertains to the understanding and application of Biblical Stewardship. While not as deep reaching as our typical planning process, Steward-Link provides a relationship of encouragement, insight, and accountability with the finances of our clients. A Steward-Link relationship can stand alone, or be added to an existing client relationship.

What Can You Expect?

  • Monthly phone calls
  • Revolving topic of conversation – debt management, cash flow, taxes, investments, asset allocation, company benefits, charitable giving, and others
  • Personal Stewardship Coaching tools
  • Money saving opportunities – cash back credit cards, websites for discounts on purchases or services, medical sharing plans, electric suppliers, etc.
  • Availability to answer additional financial questions
  • Consolidated finance reporting
  • Financial projections
  • Insurance review and solutions