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Video Update

Please take some time to watch this video blog from our Founder and President Ron Bare.  He provides perspective on the coronavirus, the financial markets, and how to implement some Biblical wisdom in times of uncertainty.  We hope that it will be a blessing and encouragement to you during this pandemic.  Please pass it on to others to whom you think it will benefit.

Bare Wealth Advisors Update

On Thursday, Pennsylvania Governor Wolf ordered all non-life-sustaining businesses in Pennsylvania be closed as of March 19. Bare Wealth Advisors is complying with that request and our physical location is closed until further notice.

Although our physical location is closed, we remain committed to serving you throughout the unfolding coronavirus situation.  We will all be working remotely and will have access to our email and voicemail during this time.  If you need to contact us, please call the office number.  If someone is unable to answer the phone, please leave a message and we will call you back promptly.

This in an unprecedented time in the life of our community, nation, and world. We are daily seeking the Lord for His guidance and are committed to praying for our leaders and all of those on the front lines of fighting this virus. We are also praying for you and your families – please feel free to reach out to us with any concerns or personal requests. We appreciate your understanding and patience, and we look forward to being able to meet with you again face to face soon.


Bare Wealth Advisors Update

We wanted to give you an update on Bare Wealth Advisors’ response to the developing coronavirus situation.

First, we want to keep lines of our communication open with you and be available to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have over the upcoming weeks.  We understand the concerns you may have related to your investment accounts and the potential impact on your financial plan.  If there are any short-term changes to your financial situation, please contact as soon as possible.  In any situation, we will continue to provide advice based on the timeless principles in God’s Word.

Second, while we will remain open, we are limiting the number of in-office meetings we have.  If you are scheduled in the next few weeks, we will reach out to you regarding your meeting.  Based on various factors, we will be holding meetings via phone or Skype.

We will have staff available to receive any checks for deposit into your accounts.  You can either mail these in or drop them off at the office.  We will also have a licensed advisor available to speak to you via phone during our normal business hours.

While we think the size of our team and our office location are not conducive to spreading the virus, our first priority is the safety and health of our employees and clients. Also, as Americans we want to be part of the solution to minimizing the serious effects of this virus. By taking these steps, we can help protect our team and their loved ones, you our clients, and contribute to our country moving forward.  This is a developing situation with governments both locally and nationally issuing updates, so we will keep you up to date on how these effects our day to day operations.

Additionally, if you are at a higher-risk of getting sick, please let us know if we can assist you in any way with getting items you may need for daily living.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.


The Bare Wealth Advisors Team

Market Update

by Ron Bare

As mentioned in our previous blog, the Bare Wealth Advisors team believe in helping our clients make financial decisions flowing out of a comprehensive financial plan based on your values and goals. However, we do understand that the current health situation with the virus and also the implications of how this effects your financial goals is probably on your mind. With that in mind, we wanted to share a few thoughts on fear and also a few principles we believe.

Since fear levels in our country (and world) are at high levels, we thought it would be good to share some thoughts and principles related to fear and finances. I have heard that the Bible says do not fear (or be afraid) somewhere close to 365 times, one for each day. This is clearly to remind us that our nature is to fear the unknown and the circumstance we may be faced with. I was reminded in our church service this past week to read Psalms 91 (too long to type in this blog – I suggest going to the YouVersion Bible app to read). Reading this and other scripture is a great way to actively combat fear in our lives and for those we care about.

In addition, as we make financial decisions, we believe reviewing a few basic principles can be effective when we live in times of uncertainty. Here are a few to consider:

  1. God is the owner of all things, including our money (Psalm 24:1). This reminds us we are stewards and should work hard to manage what has been entrusted to us; however, we are not expected to have a crystal ball based on future events that may or may not happen.
  2. Live within your means and be content with what we have (Hebrews 13:5)
  3. Minimize the use of debt
  4. Build liquidity and have some money put back in savings for the unexpected and for income that you may need in the short term (our planning process accounts for these items)
  5. Think long term – the longer term your perspective typically will help you make better financial decisions. (Think back to the financial crisis of 2008 – 12 years ago, we have recovered well)
  6. Give generously – personally I believe this to be a very important step in coming up against fear we may have. Fear causes us to hold tight to what we have rather than have an open hand, look to help someone in need or bless a cause or mission you believe in.

In summary, one of our core values at Bare Wealth is Biblical wisdom. We believe that when we manage our lives and finances according to Biblical principles we can experience:

  1. Contentment under all economic conditions
  2. Confidence in financial decision making
  3. Maximize the use of money, our talents and time for what matters most to us

As always feel free to contact our team with questions on your plan/investments or concerns related to what is happening in our world, we care about you and your family.

Also, please pass this on to any family or friends who may benefit from reading this.

Market Update

by Ron Bare

One thing I have learned, working in the financial services industry over the past 24 years, is by having your investment decisions flow out of a comprehensive personal financial plan, based on your values and goals, is essential to making wise decisions over time. The moment you separate your investment decisions and make them independently of a comprehensive financial plan is when those decisions are made based on emotions, news events, or other items that do not point back towards your values and goals.

If you have worked with Bare Wealth for any length of time, you know we believe in planning around our client’s purpose, values and goals and letting these items drive all decision making. However, we do understand when world events cause large movements in the financial markets, feelings of concern may arise regarding how these shifts may impact your objectives. With that in mind, we do not want to be silent when events, such as the coronavirus, influence the markets with an 11% drop in one week.

In case this has caused any concern (or fear) related to life or your finances, we want to assure you that unless your goals or short-term financial needs have changed, it is best not to react to these news events. Let your financial plan have the time it needs to properly help carry out your goals.  As always, we are here to take any questions or inquiries surrounding these events. In the meantime, lets pray for the families impacted by the virus and pray that a solution would be developed to stop the spread of the disease.