Q: Who do you work with?

A: We work predominantly with families who are looking to infuse Biblically-based financial principles into their financial plans and investments – both of which will then be evidenced by their daily lifestyle.

Typically, families contact us when they are experiencing some sort of transition in life, such as retirement, the sale of real estate or a business, loss of a job, an inheritance, children preparing for college, and so forth. We believe that every family has some form, however large or small, of financial planning need, and that is why we offer one meeting free of charge so that we can explore if there is a need for our services.

Q: How do you get paid?

A: We receive income from two sources, explained below, but before we get into the details of how that happens, we want to say that prior to any transactions incurring, we want to meet with each prospective client one time, free of charge and free of future meeting obligations. This way we can clearly identify in that first meeting the scope of our relationship and answer any questions.

With that said, we’re structured to receive revenue in two forms: financial planning fees and fees/commissions from investments we help manage. The former is in most cases a one-time “project fee” that we estimate in that first meeting, and it includes creating a financial plan that addresses where you’re currently positioned, where you’d like to be, and some suggestions on how you may get there.

The second form of compensation is from investment fees and/or commissions, which may vary depending on each investment product.  This amount is the internal or external fee that is paid to us from either an investment company (commission) or directly from a client account (fees) that provides the assistance in helping manage client assets and ongoing planning.  Due to the variety of fee/commission structures for the many products we have access to, the specifics of how we're compensated from these are best discussed in person.  We strive for transparency in this compensation so that each client knows exactly how we are paid for our services.

Q: What makes you different?

A: We believe that it’s our strong emphasis on stewardship – not just the understanding of stewardship as in good utilization of our income, but stewardship as in the realization that God has entrusted each of us with His money. We believe He has given each of us certain passions and callings in this life to apply that money to. It’s our joy as financial planners to help our clients identify these callings and guide them through a process designed to fund them.

Our goal is to deliver clarity – and the way we go about this is shown below in what we call The Bare Advantage:

Q: What should I expect at our first meeting?

A: You can expect an honest conversation with minimal preparation from you. Depending on the context of how we set up that first meeting, you most likely won't be required to bring anything to that time together.  We'll talk mostly about your heart desires, your view on money, and how you want to use your resources to fund the desires on your heart.  We'll discuss steps you've taken, are currently taking, or plan to take.  And then we'll talk about if we feel that we can be an asset to you in your stewardship journey.

This meeting is always free of charge and obligation - we want to provide a platform where you can honestly evaluate us, get to know our approach, and feel confident in moving forward.  Likewise, we want to ensure that we feel we can deliver value to your situation and see the potential for a long-term relationship together.